About Lingomania

Lingomania is the 21st century incarnation of one of history’s finest traditions – making stuff up. In this case we’re referring to making up words using the insights provided in the original manuals of Pseudoxenolinguistics (PXL). To give you a better understanding, here’s an extract from my new book “Lingomania”:

The art of Pseudoxenolinguistics[1] (PXL) originated in the ancient mating rituals of the Dolichologi[2] tribe. Due to their extreme ugliness, the males of the tribe had to rely on appearing intellectual to attract women. Desperation led them to create and use extremely long words to mean quite simple things. Males using this approach gained a clear advantage.

About Lingomania

Starting as an innocent past-time it soon developed into an ongoing addiction. Eventually, this led to the tribe’s destruction – the women discovered the formula, moved further north, and attracted the best quality male specimens from other tribes.

Descendents of the Dolichologi women continued to practice PXL and it filtered down to all of the modern dynasties[4]. However, it was not until Cyrano de Bergerac’s time that PXL truly began to flourish. One noted historian[5] recorded Cyrano’s last words to Roxanne as…

“Your beauty (and a severe case of megarhinosis) made me a monogynophiliac – my greatest joy was to suffer Roxannophilia[6]”

The halcyon days of PXL continued until the death of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband and perhaps the art form’s greatest exponent, when he uttered his final words:

About Lingomania

Unfortunately, during the twenty-first century PXL has been hindered by the advent of new technology. Pathetic acronyms like DDE, OLTP, XLR8R, OMG and BFF have allowed technocrats and teenagers to baffle even the most informed people. Perhaps the only remaining PXL devotees are doctors who inform patients they have rhinoblennorrhea[8].

My new book, “Lingomania” is designed to introduce the modern version of PXL to a wider audience. I’m sure you’ll find it can be interesting, educational and entertaining. It is also an excellent way to meet, impress and/or insult people.

The book deals with the art of Lingomania and provides some basic uses for its results. You’ll be introduced to the basics, and examples of the seven levels of Lingomania. Hopefully, this will excite you enough to try making some new words yourself (we’ll show you how).

The validity of any word created is not guaranteed. However, as you will find, 99.99% of the population wouldn’t know anyway. Hence, don’t be scared to use the word element database on this web-site to make your own words. As you do so, feel free to submit them for inclusion in the official Lingomania dictionary.

Good Luck!

Good Luck!

Ignatius “Spud” Shoestring - Grand Master of Lingomania

[1] False foreign languages : Pseudo- (false), xeno- (foreign), linguistics (languages)

[2] Long word : Dolicho- (long), logi (word) – quite a coincidence don’t you think !

[3] Excessively great attractive woman : Hyper- (excessively), mega- (great), babe (attractive woman)

[4] For a full account see Ignatius Shoestring’s “A definitive history of PXL”. (available soon!)

[5] Noted by someone else

[6] “Your beauty (and a huge nose) made me a one woman man – my greatest joy was to suffer loving you” (loosely translated)

[7] Out of time : a- (without), chron- (time), -ic (state of)

[8] A Runny Nose: Rhino- (nose), blenno- (mucus), -rrhea (flow) – do noses run in your family?