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We are enthusiastic to receive any new words you'd like to submit to the Lingomania dictionary. When you are submitting words please be aware of the following:

1.All new words will go into the "New Words" dictionary for evaluation by registered Lingomaniacs

2.All new words will be time stamped and connected to the person submitting them

3.First person to submit a word "owns" it

4.New words will be added to the Official Lingomaniac's Dictionary upon:
Adulation by 500 or more registered Lingomaniacs
Selection by Ignatius Shoestring and associated entitites have the right to use any submitted word, or modification of it, in any way they see fit.

6.We reserve the right to reject words regarded as "too similar" to previously registered words/definitions

7.Any words that are insults, have sexual connotations, or could be "adult" in nature, should be categorized as "adult" and will therefore only be displayed to users 18 years or older. If you're uncertain - choose "adult". Poor decision-making on this front will make us grumpy and could have unhappy consequences for the user.

Ignatius is working furiously to update this book in a timely manner. That said, there are a number of Lingomania books at various stages of development. We’ll keep you informed through the web-site and member updates!
Click into the text box at the center of the top of the screen. Start typing and we’ll make our best guess as to what word you’re looking for. If you see your word in one of
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If you don't know, don't guess — take a hint. This way, we'll know you're unsure and we'll give you a follow-up question on the word. Hints don't hurt you, they help us make the experience better for you. Plus, you'll have a better chance of getting the question right!