Ignatius Shoestring

Ignatius “Spud” Shoestring was born in the English town of Ipswich many years ago. His parents owned the local fish and chip shop and were also responsible for his twelve siblings. Being the youngest of thirteen children, meant Ignatius:

  1. Had to learn to stand up for himself
  2. Often had to fight for his fair share of dinner
  3. Was unlikely to beat “all-comers” in a test of brawn

Early in his schooling, it became apparent to Spud that many words were made up of parts of other words. Soon after this, while helping rearrange books in his grandfather’s flat, he found a first edition copy of Theodore “Wombat” Inkleton’s definitive pseudoxenolinguistic text “The Art of PXL”. Since that pivotal moment, his only passion has been the pursuit of new words and interpretations of the English language.

Among his notable achievements in this arena are:

  • Publishing “A brief history of PXL” in 1969
  • Publishing “A sort of definitive history of PXL” in 1977
  • Publishing “A definitive history of PXL” in 1988
  • Appointment as the Grand Master of Lingomania in 1999
  • Publishing Lingomania in August 2018
Ignatius Shoestring

While her majesty recently recognized Ignatius’s contributions to the English language with a top secret knighthood, he prefers to be known as “Spud” or “Iggy”.

He happily lives on his small (but adequate) estate not far from his place of birth, and is known for having the world’s largest collection of old books about stuff no one seems to care about.